Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fun with letters !!

I was at the craft store awhile back with my oldest granddaughter. It was fun and trying at the same time. She's 6 and full of energy and of course ideas!!  At the time, her room was getting painted one of hers and my favorite colors ~ purple!  While rummage thru the 60-80% off clearance aisle, she came across a letter E. Well of course she said "Grandma, that's what my name starts with E for Evyon".  And I said yes, and she proceeded to tell me that this would be nice in her room on her wall. And I said "Well, lets looks around for more ideas and see what we come up with".

In the meantime, she found a leopard pattern 'trinket' box marked down to $5.  And a cute little lamp that was originally $24.99, marked down to $4. She said we should get it so her little sister Isabella wouldn't be afraid of the dark when she goes to bed. How cute!! Such a great big sister : )

Well, we found another E and this one I told her Grandma could decorate for her. It's just one of those thin unfinished wooden letters that you can decorate however you want.  So now of course I had to get an I for Isabella too. Evyon wanted hers done in purple, and said I should do Isabella's in green. 

So, I bought some acrylic paints and painted my edges.  Sprayed w/some Elmers Spray Adhesive, and glue some scrapbook paper on there.  Distressed the edges a little, blinged it up and TA-DA my finished project.

I dropped them off last week, but the girls were by their mother so.  I get to see her this weekend and can't wait to see whats she says about her altered letter that I made for her : )

Toodles for now


  1. So creative.. Love how they turned out. Hope the girls love them!!