Monday, August 29, 2011


Sorry that I have been missing in action lately.......very busy 'end' of summer going on here!! People on week vacations at work, back into racing and our oldest granddaughter ended up in the hospital for 4-1/2's just been a roll coaster ride!

ANYWAY....I finally got back into making some cards! At work, we work very closely w/our Detroit office and our clerical gal there. We recently found out that she & her hubby are having there 1st baby in November!! So a couple of us gals here chipped in and bought her a baby gift and I supplied the card. Seems how we don't know what she is having ~ I tried to make a more generic card.

I seen my poor beautiful purple Cricut sitting in the corner and thought it could use some attention. So I made this CAS card you see below!!

I forgot how much fun it was to cut stuff on my Cricut!! Well, hope you like it and I hope to get back and post something again soon!!

Missed you all


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